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A new year = a new hobby for me. I’ve decided to get into the vinyl crafting craze, and for Christmas asked for a particular Cricut machine. After one cancelled order due to low stock, and finding out that these machines were hard to find during the holidays, my husband finally tracked one down for me. The best part is that it was an even better model than what I asked for! I got the Cricut Maker.

I have to admit, I was both thrilled and intimidated by it. I didn’t know where to begin after setting it up and registering it. What would be my first project? Would I get frustrated by my lack of knowledge on how to use it? Would I try something, fail, and put the expensive machine away for a while? Well, I’m happy to say that I pushed all those thoughts to the side, and gave it a go.

My first, and second, projects were both requests from my son. He loves the Atlanta Hawks, and was inspired by their uniform and court tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that they debuted on MLK day. That same day he had a basketball game as well, and asked for something special. So, we decided to put the letters MLK on a shooting sleeve for him. We hopped in the car and made a trip to our local Academy (a sporting goods store.) He picked out a white sleeve. “A” white sleeve was mistake #1, because later I ruined it with the iron. Mistake #2 came with the letters that I ended up having to cut out twice. So, after a second trip to Academy, where this time I purchased 2 additional sleeves just in case, I finally succeeded in finishing the project. He loved it, and his teammates thought it was pretty cool too! (Ignore the crazy hair from after the game, and yes, his team name is the Armadillos, the Fighting Armadillos to be exact, lol!)

As I mentioned earlier, my second project was also something my son asked for. He got a laptop for Christmas, and a hard case to go on it, and wanted to put stickers on the case. The case is red, because he loves the Georgia Bulldogs, and so he wanted to put a UGA sticker on it. So, that’s what we did! I didn’t mess this one up this time, and got it on the first try!

What fun, and I was so proud that I actually made something that I previously would have had to buy from Etsy before! After making these, I was so pumped that I took all the rest of my Christmas money and loaded up on supplies from Amazon. They should be here today, and I’m going to put them to good use.

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