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Time Well Spent (Quarantine Photo A Day)

I’ve been AWOL the last several days. I’ve been busy with work, and needed a break from my computer in the evenings. In fact, I’m writing today during my lunch, because I have an evening call tonight with our office in China.

This post has my heart. My husband and son have embarked on a mission to build shelving in our garage. My son is almost 10, his birthday is next week, and he is having so much fun working on this project with his dad. He’s learning valuable life skills, incorporating math, and having a blast while doing it!

Grill Master (Quarantine Photo A Day)

Happy Friday Eve! Today’s photo is one from the grill. My family has been hitting that unit up hard over quarantine, and I am loving it. We prefer charcoal grilling in this family, and I’m not ashamed to say that I am not the grill master. I leave that title to my husband.

So far, we’ve grilled steaks, pork loins, chicken, corn, and even glazed carrots. Now, I dislike carrots, and literally never eat them….but we had a neighbor that grilled some and raved about them, so we tried it too. My husband made up a sweet glaze from some of the items in our fridge and pantry, and they were delicious!

At The Creek (Quarantine Photo A Day)

So I missed another day (yesterday) posting my quarantine photo a day, but since I’ve spent time both yesterday and today at the creek, I’ll let this count for both!

Our subdivision is out in the countryside, built adjacent to farmland. Running alongside one of the pastures is a quaint little creek. A one lane bridge crosses the creek in a bend of the road.

My son has always loved going down to the creek. When he was little we would ride down and he would throw rocks into the water from the top of the bridge, and occasionally get in the water and walk around. Now, he and his dad will often ride their 4-wheelers down there, and last night we all went. The boys fished while I took pictures. It was a nice little evening outing.

My husband is the youth minister at our church, and while we all have been quarantined the different ministers have taken turns recording Wednesday night lessons. This was one of his weeks, so we ventured down to the creek again to film. We set up in a narrow stone rising in the middle of the creek, which you can see a picture of the location below (the last pic.) It made for a beautiful and peaceful back drop!

Finally, a Haircut! (Quarantine Photo A Day)

The governor of Georgia is beginning to relax the requirements for sheltering in place. Now, while I’m not ready to go out to eat, or sit with 20 other ladies at a nail salon, my husband and son did venture out for much needed hair cuts. They were the only people in the small salon, other than the hairdresser, and the door remained locked during their visit, and other cleaning protocol had taken place.

I had strictly been forbidden to try at home cuts. My husband said we didn’t have the right kind of sheers. I’m really not sure if that was the case, or if we could have made do, but I was not trusted! Lol. Either way, they didn’t happen while at home over the last 6 weeks (I think).

Here’s my little cutie with a fresh cut. The first two are a before and after. On one side, he wanted what looked like a greater than sign cut in, similar to a picture he found of Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays outside so much that you can see a faint tan line where his long bangs used to be, lol.

Part 2: Sunset Sunday (Quarantine Photo A Day)

So I missed posting yesterday. The day was cold and overcast here, and with my housework accomplished on Saturday, I was lazy all day yesterday, except for a run to stock up at the grocery store.

I’m still in the sunset mood, so here’s more sunset photos from some different beaches and lakes I’ve visited. Hope you enjoy!

Sunset Saturday (Quarantine Photo A Day)

The beauty of the sun going to bed at night is one of God’s greatest blessings. Sunsets are gorgeous to behold, especially when they light the sky on fire. I’m dedicating this photo a day post to some of the sunset pictures I’ve captured over time from my neighborhood, and couple from areas close by.

Sunset state of mind!

Surprise at the Pump (Quarantine Photo A Day)

Had to run to town today, and realized I was pretty much on Empty. I swung into Kroger for a quick fill up, and was met with a gas price of $1.28/gallon. Sweet! What made it even better was that I had $.40 off/gallon apparently saved up on my member number. I used the whole discount, because let’s face it, this tank of gas might last me a couple months at this rate. It dropped my per gallon price to $.89. Even sweeter! I can’t even remember the last time I filled up for that price. According to a quick Google search, the last time gas fell under $1 was in 1999, 21 years ago!

I drive a Suburban so it takes a lot of gas to fill it up, and from empty to full, I paid just a little over $20. I can handle that!

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