Sharks & Sunsets

This summer has served up some new experiences for my family, and shark fishing just so happens to be one of them. On our last family trip to the Gulf Coast of Florida, my husband and son tried their luck at landing a shark.

Our first night there, I had just returned from the all important grocery store run, and walked down to the shoreline when I heard excitement in their voices. While I was gone, they had caught some bait fish, and it just so happened that on their first cast for shark, my husband got a bite.

Now, keep in mind casting was not a “safe” activity. They had to walk out into the dark water and cast beyond the second sandbar, and walk back to shore. You wouldn’t have caught me going to that extent! My husband fought the shark for several minutes, and it pulled him down the shoreline some, but he eventually got it in. It was a black tip shark, probably around 4′ long. It drew quite the crowd looking at it, and the boys were thrilled. After I took some pictures, the hook was safely removed from it’s mouth, and it swam off just fine.

We all agreed that this catch, on our first night, was beginners luck because the rest of the week, try as they might, they never caught another one. But talk about one of the highlights of our week!

Often while they fished, I took pictures of things around us. One night, I sat in a chair, with my feet in the water, and snapped some pics as the sun went down behind the distant buildings.

I will leave you with these quotes (author unknown), that pretty much sums up my relationship with the ocean…

To some, it’s just water. To me, it’s where I regain my sanity.

I am such a summer person. Just give me a quiet spot with a breathtaking view, a cool drink in my hand, a warm sea breeze on my skin, the soothing sounds of waves crashing, and I will be in all my glory!

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