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Frenchie Love

Rencontrer mon petit amour Bella, or meet my little love Bella! She is my 6 month old French bulldog. She has a beautiful brindle coat, and one of the sweetest, most loving, dispositions I have ever been around.

A year and a half after losing our precious Mocha, a 14 year old miniature dachshund, we decided it was time to add a puppy to our family. Our family hair dresser just so happened to be having her second litter of french bulldog puppies, and we jumped on the opportunity. When the pups were 2 weeks old, we picked out our sweet girl. By the time we walked from the house to the car, my husband and son had already picked out her name, and I couldn’t have been happier with the name “Bella.” She came to live with us at week 11.

She is cute as a button, but she is also full of spunk, and a super chewer. So far, she has chewed the footboard of our bed, and the legs of a trunk at the foot of the bed, she’s eaten a bag of beef jerky and attempted to eat one of those “do not eat” silica packets (scaring us greatly), chewed open a shot gun shell spilling the buck shot everywhere, chewed through my son’s glasses, splitting the frame and gnawing on the lens that fell out, and shredded all kinds of papers! She’s a handful for sure, but we keep reminding ourselves that she’s still just a puppy.

Bella also sounds like a little pig most of the time. She’s a snorter and a snorer! One of the things I love is that her snorting comes out almost like a cat’s purr when she’s happy and content, especially when she’s being petted and loved on. She’s a little lover too, and a lap dog for sure. As I have been suffering from a lot of anxiety lately, she has been such a huge joy for me, and a wonderful addition to our family!

I hope you enjoy these pictures of my sweetie livin’ la vida frenchie!

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